7 Okay to Do That! on How to Get the Guy!

How to Get the Guy

Women would like you to be in their company always when you are out. What a change of attitude! They are used to you being in control, according to theirPoints of View! But why should they be any more in charge, than you? Here are seven sure ways how to get the guy you want, even if he is a hard taskmaster:

  • Look good.Your appearance matters in every record so there is no reason why you should miss on letting him see the effort you have put into changing your look. If you are the man’s intended, then why not try to make him see that he was wrong to overlook you.
  • Be genuinely interested with him and he will be interested in you.Take genuine interest in what your man has to say,oday and before someone else is any better. Make sure you listen to him and offer feedback without being judgmental.
  • Show him you care about him though you may not show it.This not only refers to giving him a compliment every time he says or does something good, you also have to realize to look attractive yet not too obvious. Looking attractive means you do not have to drool over every part of his body.
  • A woman has to be self assured and confident when pursuing a man, still show confidence at times andarry at times, but it should be variable.For example: do not say a part of your body is fine when it really is not, prettier when you are at ease. Or, do not overwhelm a guy with your affections on him. Let him also work to make you their girlfriend rather than you fawning over him all the time.
  • Do not keep asking him whether he loves you.That is the stuff men hate in women! For women, only a question means only that he does not feel the same way about you. It does not mean that you can not discuss the matter, or that he does not care for you. Men hate it that women are unsure and insecure about the same things or men.
  • Always say sorry when you are not along.It may sound easier said than done, especially when coupled with tears! Can you imagine how easy it would be to dwell on the past and bring yourself down? Instead of asking, “how are you”, say, “I am”. It really means a lot more to men.
  • Acknowledge having feelings anytime, anywhere.It does not make you lessen your operates or offensive. Just accept what is happening right now, while you may not like it. Never harbor any ill will, keep your mind clear. Men are different from women in the way they react to being controlled or abused.

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  • Look at the brighter side of life.Really, life is not as bleak as you think it is. There are many people out there who are suffering just the same way, just as you are. Make your situation a little brighter by looking at the brighter side of life, and do not ever let anyone bring you down, including yourself.
  • Be constructive even when alone.This means you must separate yourself from your negative friends. Start looking at all the friends that seem to pity you, if you befriend those types, then these are the people to blame, not you.
  • Never snub anyone, especially in private.If you want, then you might share your feelings with these people, but not while you are with him. It is not healthy and it would even make him have a reason to shy away from you.

How to Get the Guy!