How Difficult It Is For a Girl to Figure Out a Guy’s Thoughts and Actions


Sometimes, it seems like guys are from two different planets, and it’s very difficult to understand them.Well, rubbing shoulders will not solve your vexed problem. To truly figure out what makes them do the things they do, you have to delve into the under Instructor, and get inside his head, to understand what makes them do what they do, and more.

Doing this, is not as tough as it seems, because psychology is the study of individuals, and it’s not a difficult task. Anyone can find out something about the other person by just getting inside their mind, and knowing what they’re thinking and how they feel.But this is a little difficult, because most guys do not want to be thought of as psychology specialists, or as someone who is good at reading minds. So this is why I’m here, to tell you what psychology is, and how to practice it.

My question to you is this: Why do you think you cannot easily and instantly impress women, when you know that it is what’s at the root of a lot of failed relationships and stagnant relationships?

So the first thing you have to do is, find out what his psychology is, and then find a way to understand it, so that it can be incorporated and active in your relationship. BUT, you have to make sure, that this thing runs both ways, and that it doesn’t breeding negative thoughts in his head, or growing grounds for doubt.

1. What is psychology?

It is the study of behavior, and understanding people’s thought processes and the responses to different stimuli.

2. Did you know, that the word ‘peacocking’ has multiple meanings and societal definitions?

It means, to wear clothes that stand out, in a positive way.

3. Wearing attractive bracelets is a form of dressing that draws people’s attention to you, and also makes people think, that you are hot.

4. Stealing a women’s look is another form of Peacocking.

5. Being mysterious in your use of openers and elsewhere, will keep her interested in you.

Now that you know what the objective of this little discovery was, I can safely say, that understanding male psychology has become, almost, a hobby to me, because I find myself using the same technique, over and over again. I mean a simple thing like this, to request a girl to give you her thoughts on something you said, or something she’s doing, can do wonders, because it changes the way she looks at you.

She would start asking herself, why you asked her? What’s in those thoughts that caused her to bother answering you? Why did she act that way? Maybe she liked you, but didn’t know how to say it.

So, rest assured, that Scarcity alone will not make you attractive to girls. By wearing the correct types of clothes, and using efficient body language, you can certainly increase your chances of being attractive, just by tapping into the power of your own mind! I encourage you to find out more about this powerful psychological secret, so that it can help you in your encounters with women!