The Two Types of Blind Dating

Blind Dating

So, you have grown weary of being single for such a long while, and it has been quite a while since you have had your last relationship hit rock bottom. you are worried that your current boyfriend or girlfriend is not exactly what you remember, and you are fearful that you may be settling again. it seems like you have done it all – gone through a bad break-up, been cheated on, been jealous of all the things your friends have, and become a tired and bitter single. you feel hopeless, and don’t know what to feel other than total despair.

Well, you are not alone. I have heard it said that the third time is the Charmingly engage moment

This is when the new relationship reaps and enjoys all the wonderful benefits that come with its making a huge impact on you. You cannot avoid it. It is inevitable. But does it mean it has to affect you in the same fundamental way? Absolutely not! All you need is some guidelines to help you know how to make the best of it.

There are two types of blind dating – help-yourself and mutual-benefits. The best of both worlds usually fall under the former category, as you help the other in some way in a relationship. The most common form of this is to arrange a blind dating for your friend so that she can meet a new man. Any mutual benefits will of course work for both parties.

You get to meet this new man and you get to know him, hopefully in a way that does not make either party jealous

This could be a boyfriend or a girlfriend you personally like, but for the purposes of this article lets keep that subject for another time (another article). Usually the first night out on a blind date is an exciting night out. The two of you are not really sure whether this is truly what you want, but since there is another stranger obviously there is some money to be made.

Obviously the stranger will be of the opinion that you are not serious about this encounter, and if they share that opinion then you have no chance of a great future together. So they lose out on a great opportunity because they are the first and last impressions just like it is for you.On the other hand there are times when you go out on a blind date where both of you have something in common. For example you could be both interested in older women, or the fact that you like to drink, or you could both be into extreme sports.

There are far fewer chances that the two of you will not hit it off, and even if you do not find the other person to be compatible for a meaningful relationship, you have a common ground which could make the two of you stand out in any crowd.Just try not to focus on details. You do not know the people at the other end of the connection for sure. But if all you are concerned about is having a good time, you are probably better off to focus on the other person and let the little details fall into place when you are talking with the stranger.

Usually the most difficult part of a blind date is deciding which is the right side to connect with. Do not judge early on whether you should give it one more try or not, because you do not know what may happen after one more shot. You do know however, that you have had a chance, so give yourself that one more chance and connect with the person you met online.