What Does It Take to Get a Guy? Here Are the Secrets to Finally Getting Him

Get a Guy

What Does It Take to Get a Guy? You have been going out with the guy for some time now and don’t want to stop. At the same time you want to finally be able to get him. Here are a few tips on what you can do to finally.

  • Be attractive for himDress right, be fresh and smell even better. Men get attracted to women who look attractive. Don’t forget to make yourself stand out in the crowd.
  • Don’t look desperateEven as guys give you a lot of attention, don’t look desperate for it. Maintain your distance and remain elusive. He will now try to approach you more.
  • Talk about something interestingSpark an interesting conversation. Don’t go for any common old conversation like sharing the same place of work or the same kind of friends. Ask him for changes in his life and talk about something that is meaningful.
  • Be self assured and confidentMen always love women who are sure of themselves and are self assured. They hate being made to feel needed and want to feel independent. Make sure you do all you can about that. Otherwise he will not find you very attractive.
  • Your actions speak loud and clearDo what you want and not what people say. If you want to do something then do it. Don’t ask his permission to do anything or follow his instructions. Your action should speak loud and clear of your desire to get him.
  • Focus on what he has to sayYour guy will only give his approval to your proposal if he really likes you and finds you interesting Get a Guy. But if you keep talking about how many kids you want to have or some other things that are not true and are not part of any conversation that he is having with you then he won’t give you much value in his life.
  • Don’t be defensiveNo matter how he may rationalize and say that by getting you an engagement ring and a promise of marriage to you, you will eventually lose him. Decide on your stand point and stay strong on it. It will only be a matter of time when he realizes that you are a big pain in the neck and will henceforth be reluctant to make any commitment to you.
  • Stay attractive no matter how much you lose weightIf you don’t really have an idea as to what your figure should look like then you should consult a professional. A great body expert or gymnastics expert can tell you how you should remain attractive and fit.Equally, an expert on getting a guy should be able to tell you the techniques that will get you to keep him in spite of the fact that he is getting much older and his opportunities and financial status are less Get a Guy.
  • Don’t mope around and get melancholicIt’s important to remain happy and carefree when you are around your guy. And you should never allow yourself to become a victim of the dreaded moping. If you behave like a sad loser then he will lose all interest in you. It’s only essential that you carry on being as bubbly and radiant as always so that he doesn’t get attracted to anything else.

What Does It Take to Get a Guy

Have confidence in yourself and he will remain interested in youYou cannot hope to attract a guy if you Them along with you do not have a major confidence in you. He will also take you at face value and not see the real you. Have a winner’s attitude and take it easy on him. He will find you charming for your self assurance and confidence.

Get a Guy